As I center myself, I bring my awareness to this moment, right here, right now. Recognizing this moment is all I have, I let go of any busyness in my mind and all that I have to do in the future. Recognizing that NOW is right where I am and in this NOW, I rest in the Truth of knowing that God is all there is.

I contemplate the meaning of this, knowing that all that is, is created by God, and I marvel at the infinite forms that God's creativity shows up as, all of Life itself!

Recognizing that I am one of God's creations, I see and feel my oneness with all of life, with all the creatures, with all the humans, with Mother Earth and Father Sky, with all that I can see, and all that I can not see. 

Recognizing that I am as God is, I realize that I have the same power to create as God does, for God, being everywhere present is within me, as me, and therefore I am a creative being!

Realizing that God is Love, God creates as Love and all that God creates comes from Love, I realize that I am the result of a loving thought of God! I realize that all things that I love, I create more of, and anything that I love that isn't in form as part of my individual human experience right now is always available in the infinite, possibility of creative power within me. All things already exist in the mind of Creator and are readily available to all, at all times.

So, today, I realize that I am as God is, Creator! I live from creativity, it is the nature of my being. Creativity and I are one. Wherever I am, there is creativity within me and I can unleash it's magnificence at any time, directed by my word, thought, and feelings of love.

I am so grateful to know that the truth of my being is creativity. I claim and accept that I am a divinely inspired, creative being, with the power to create beauty wherever I go. I choose to consciously use my power of creativity to bring into manifestation on earth, things that bring joy, and peace, and the vibration of oneness and love.

And so, I simply let this word go, knowing it as my truth. Humbled by the power within that gives life to me and all that is, I say thank you, God. Thank you for this life, for my life, for all that is. I let go, knowing that all is well as I surrender to the love that God is. And so it is.